Chambers Woodworking | Custom Orders
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How it works, what to expect.

The process of building a custom piece of furniture is a wonderful experience. Being a part of the journey, from initial concept, through design and fabrication is a memorable adventure. Starting out, it can seem quite intimidating. My goal is to make this process as positive and enjoyable as possible for both of us.

Initial design and consultation.
  1. The type and size of piece you desire
  2. Size and shape of the room in which the piece will be placed (room plans with dimensions would be ideal)
  3. Type or color of wood you prefer
  4. Acceptable price range
Design and estimation

Depending on the type of project, sketches will be created on paper or digitally. This helps us both determine what the final product will look like. Depending on the level of detail required by these sketches, a small consultancy fee may be required.

 Order Placement and Payment

Once you are happy with the design you submit your order and provide payment. This will secure you a place in the work product queue and we will begin planning and wood selection. Additional drawings or product detail, along with a more detailed time estimate will be provided at this stage.

 Full Production

Once your piece enters into full production, you will be closely involved and consulted as wood is selected and work begins. I will provide you with regular updates on the progress of the piece.


Based on your requirements and choices.